Sean is an internationally known actor as well as an author and producer. Jill is an impassioned motivational speaker and author. They both live to inspire, which led them to co-authoring Success FactorX. 

Society has a preoccupation with celebrities, pop-culture and the pursuit of success. There is no shortage of autobiographical success books. How is "Success Factor X" unique? Most notably, it is not a business book on what it takes to be successful. Rather, it showcases highly accomplished people sharing tips and advice based on their lives and personal journeys. The book has a wonderful hybrid nature combining a coffee table format with insight and inspiration. “Success Factor X" is not about accomplished people, it is by accomplished people. Our book has original content provided directly from the participants. It is an upbeat compilation of the advice from fifty successful people, a quick read and a book that can be referred to often.

Some passages are short and simple, some more detailed. The book draws its strength from the eclectic and diverse participants who universally share similar views of success, and how it is achieved.  "Success Factor X" features a varied group highlighting someone relatable and of interest to any reader. The book includes a famous pioneer of rap, a transgender actor and advocate for the LGBTQ community, an Italian prince, an Olympic champion, professional athletes, television stars, business icons, music moguls, and self-made billionaires representing different ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. Readers will benefit from the wisdom, inspiration and battle- tested advice revealed in ”Success Factor X”.

This project represents a labor of love. We are truly grateful for the success that we have achieved and the opportunity to give back. It is our hope that this book will encourage you to define success in new and varied ways. Success can be daunting. We all experience challenges, struggles and disappointments. This is our way to pay it forward and remind you that you can accomplish and become anything. We are proud to donate a portion from the sale of each book to the American Red Cross, the world’s preeminent humanitarian organization providing emergency assistance and disaster relief wherever needed.

Learn and be motivated from some of America’s best. However you define success, we know this book will inspire you to believe that anything is possible with determination and the right attitude. Look deep within yourself, define your goals, take action and never quit.

To your success!

Jill and Sean